The Second Reading I Bookstore and Second Reading II Bookstore are owned by and operated for the exclusive benefit of The West Chester Area Senior Center, a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization.

Our bookstores are 99% volunteer-staffed, and our inventory is comprised entirely of donations from the community.  We pride ourselves on our wide selection and the dedication and expertise of our staff.  While providing funding for the Senior Center, we also promote literacy in our community and ensure the reuse and recycling of several tons of books each year.

Your purchases support the many activities and programs we make available to our Seniors each year.  These include over 28,000 breakfasts and lunches for 3500 seniors, as well as over 1150 different programs and classes for health, fitness, language, crafts, and more.  Our Seniors love our bookstores and we hope that you will also.  Thank you for your support!