Fitness Classes 

9:30 AM Level Three  – Advanced – Class will be all standing. Examples would include Silver Sneakers Circuit, Hi/Low Cardio

10:30 AM Level Two  Intermediate – Class will be mixed with standing and sitting exercises. Examples would include Healthy Steps in Motion and Silver Sneakers Classic

11:30 AM  Level One Beginner –  Chair Class with standing balance exercises. Examples would include Arthritis Class


Class Descriptions:

Arthritis Class: Chair class concentrating on individual muscle groups with the use of hand weights and balance exercises.  Level One

Stretching:  Relaxing series of stretches to help you become flexible and strong. Level One

Silver Sneakers Classic: Warm-up, Combination of resistance bands and weights, balance exercises and cool down. Level Two

Cardio / Core: Hi/Lo Aerobics, cool down followed with core stability exercises. Level Three

Total Body Workout: All Standing: Warm-up, aerobic movements combined with the use of resistance bands and weights, and balance exercise. Level Three

Circuit Class: All Standing: Stations will be set up utilizing hand weights, resistance bands, light plyometrics, and core training. Level Three