Downtown West Chester          32 North Church Street, West Chester PA 19382          610.692.6756

We could not exist without your donations of books!

However, there are certain kinds of books we always need, and others that usually are not particularly useful to us. Our books come from a few different types of sources such as individuals and other local bookstores/churches.  If you live in or near West Chester you can deliver your book donation to our bookstores.

Here are a few conditions about donations:

  • All books are donated without compensation or condition.  We do not exchange or swap books.
  •  We cannot accept books with mildew, excessive markings, or other damage.
  • We cannot accept magazines, textbooks, Readers Digest, Time/Life books, National Geographic, encyclopedias, or technical/economic/law books.
  •  Donations are accepted during normal business hours.  Please do not leave books outside the store.
  •  If you have more than 2 boxes or 3 bags of books to donate, or need other arrangements, please call us to schedule your drop-off.
  • A receipt can be provided for your tax deduction purposes.

Thank you for your support and donation!