The West Chester Area Senior Center depends on the energy and commitment of hundreds of volunteers each year!

This past year we had 650 volunteers and had a combined 44,160 volunteer hours donated to our Center!

There are volunteer opportunities for everyone from school age to individuals in their 90’s to volunteer groups from local corporations. Over two-thirds of our volunteers are older people themselves–they are seniors helping other seniors.

We understand there are a variety of reasons that individuals look for volunteer opportunities. It is our goal to help provide access to service projects that are appropriate and meaningful for each group or individual looking to volunteer.

Become a volunteer by submitting a Volunteer Application today! Individuals needing court-ordered community service certain restrictions apply, so please contact Jim Mobile for more information at 610-436-4242 or fill out the contact form below!


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Some of our volunteer opportunities are the following:

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES/SPECIAL EVENTS ASSISTANTS – Provide help for set-up, clean-up and member service during special events such Birthday Parties, etc.
  • BOOKSTORE CLERK – volunteers needed with service, handling of purchases and maintaining inventory
  • BREAKFAST & LUNCH COOKS /SERVERS– under the direction of meal Supervisor, organize, prepare and cook individual breakfast orders ‘ short-order’ style..
  • COMMITTEE MEMBER – Serve on topic specific committees relating to client services and fundraising.
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Individual and group performances appropriate for all ages for special events such as Birthday Parties or for general entertainment during regular client service hours.
  • RECEPTION DESK CLERK – once every week or once every-other week, greet & direct members/clients, answer phone, handle payment – training required and provided
  • FUNDRAISING – work with existing committees to raise funds for programs, services and capital campaign projects.
  • INSTRUCTORS – provide educational programs as enrichment for member base – travel, finance, language, arts, music, etc.
  • PROGRAMS – informative programs on travel, the arts, etc…your hobby or interests shared with our clients
  • TAX AIDES – working through the AARP organization, provide income tax assistance from January through April